The love for coffee made everything possible. This concept was created through dedication and passion. It is a legend, a story, a myth which can only be discovered through gaining knowledge, going back to the origins and following the historic path of it around the world and taking it to the present. We let ourselves go in this journey, unraveled the mysteries of the world of coffee and we found our inspiration in the origins of the ‘magic potion’, which makes our mornings so much more beautiful.
The legend says that around 1400, a shepherd noticed his goats being so merrily after eating some red beans from a wild bush that he decided to try them. By eating those fruits, he felt reinvigorated and energized. After this episode, the actual discovery happened, when a number of monks, seeing the shepherd dancing with the goats, started boiling the mystical beans. Their purpose was to get this drink to help them stay awake for ceremonies. So by going back to the origins, ‘Handsome Monk’ started to be shaped.


We were curious. We travelled. We discovered. We did not stop there. Our goal is to share this wonderful gift offered by nature, in unique ways, but always bearing in mind the origins of coffee. By going back to the beginning we wish to present the atmosphere of those times, to transpose ourselves in a different dimension, to enjoy the authentic experiences together by being surrounded of natural elements, which would give us the opportunity to feel and have a taste of our ancestor’s environment. 


“The love for coffee creates beautiful friendships”

“There is no better morning than one which starts with a coffee”

“More doesn't necessarily mean better”

“The authentic experiences take place in memorable locations surrounded by the right people”

Coffee isn't just an excuse to meet with your friends. It is a purpose. It's already a proven fact that the feeling given by enjoying a coffee with your loved ones it's one of the most beautiful moments in life.

There's no better start-up of a day than the morning coffee. Motivating, energizing and mostly indispensable, coffee becomes some sort of magical potion which helps you get out of bed and start your day with a smile on your lips.

We wish to bring knowledge to the coffee consumers and to arouse interest amongst them, inspire them with our passion for coffee. Part of our purpose, already an essential part of Handsome Monk’s DNA, is to enhance and promote the idea of a correctly prepared coffee which is full of flavor, provides the right amount of caffeine, a pure taste and it's made of top quality coffee beans.

We would love to give you the chance of experiencing unique moments in our coffee shop, right from the moment you enter one of our locations. This would take you through a full experience not just one cup of coffee. It would all start with the first impact, your senses, which will already introduce you into the atmosphere and continuing with information about the coffee, broadening the knowledge and welcoming you into the world of coffee.